[News] 1st X-GOLF Challenge held by PGA Australia & XGOLF 2020-07-23 오후 5:01:13

'1st X-GOLF Challenge', the first indoor PGA golf competition jointly held by PGA Australia & XGOLF.

'The 1st X-GOLF Challenge' was held with great success after jointly organizing the indoor PGA tournament in Australia with The PGA of Australia.

It was held on the 15th of July at Metropolitan CC in X-GOLF Franchises.




The tournament featured famous Australian PGA tour pros at X-GOLF screen golf outlets representing four states: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

The winning title of the 1st X-GOLF Challenge was jointly returned to Jordan Zunic and Brett Rankin, who scored 5 under.

Jordan Zunic has four PGA titles, including the 2015 BMW New Zealand Open Championship, and Brett Rankin has won the Australian 2019 NT PGA Championship and is on the Australian Top 50 list.

There were some professional players who tried the screen golf for the first time with the participation of this tournament, and they felt a little difficult.

However, players were able to see how they naturally enjoyed the competition as the match progressed.

Participants complimented that they seemed to be hitting on the real field considering the realistic X-GOLF golf course graphic reminiscent of a real golf course, as well as the accuracy of putting.

We have been working with X-GOLF Australia's representative and full-time Australian PGA member, Ben Styles, to develop and verify the best screen golf products with PGA Australia.

We will continue to develop junior golf education programs.

The contest starts with a sponsorship contract signed by the Australian Professional Golf Association.

This indoor PGA competition was the first in the world to be attempted in Australia, and we will continue to expand our global PGA competition from X-GOLF stores worldwide, including the United States and Japan.

X-GOLF is Australia's No. 1 franchise brand with a state-of-the-art system for screen golf, and at the time of the 2016 Brazil Olympics,

the Australian National Golf Team has officially adopted and used X-GOLF equipment.

This professional golf competition is a new concept screen golf competition that was matched in the post-corona era, and we are proud to prove X-GOLF's excellent product power once again.

Thank you for your interest in the future.

XGOLF CHALLENGE PGA Golf Competition Leaderboard


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