X-BALANCE enables weight distribution and weight transfer to be measured. It can be configured to measure left and right weight transfer only using 2CH BALANCE, or can be combined with front and rear weight transfer with 4CH BALANCE. Players can see, in real-time, how their weight is distributed at set-up (when used with X-BIRDIE) and how weight is transferred throughout their swing.


  • Mounted with ultra small high-precision load cell provides precise measurement of weight distribution
    - 4CH : All directions (Movable)
    - 2CH : Left and right (Fixed on X-PLATE and hitting platform)
    - 4CH, 2CH selectability (can be set in X-BIRDIE program)
  • Accuracy : 99% (It may differ slightly depending on the measuring point)
  • Adjustment ability
    - Zero adjustment : Chekcing and initializing no load condition
    - Precise zero adjustment : Fine adjustment in case of deformation or malfunction of sensor due to the characteristic of metal.
    - Diversify display options such as weight, percent, weight/percent, 2CH percent (can be set in X-BIRDIE program)
  • Maximum weight & durability : 400kg


※ Weight data when comparing 2 people


※ Weight data when comparing 2 people