X-GREEN, sold separately, is a state-of-the-art golf course graphics product that provide a profound sense of reality.

X-GREEN offers both perpetual upgrade and subscription-based software products packages.
Users can use the this software through purchase or a license contract for X-GREEN packages.

Enjoy the game of golf in realistic graphics

Enjoy golf on a course that is built to match the real course. The realistic sea, bunkers, mountains, and all other high-quality graphics make the golf game even more enjoyable.

Enjoy different game modes

X-GOLF provides different game modes - Stroke, Scramble, Skins, Par3, Single, 3 Some, 4 Some, Best Ball 1 vs 2, and Best Ball 2 vs 2 and
Event mode - Nearest to the pin, Longest driver and Putting for customers to enjoy the game for fun.

Game mode selection

Scramble mode team selection

Unplayable ball option

Event mode selection

Event mode(Nearest to the pin)

Change practice location(Within the course)

Enjoy games and lessons at the same time

Players can analyze or do the lesson during the game through spin image, video or club path.

Training mode selection

Training mode(Driving range)

Training mode (Course practice)